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[QUOTE=tiber3535;4179289]... Quotient ADHD System ...

Has anyone heard of this tool? >[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Thunor;4179387]A quick and dirty search tells me that it's being marketed as legit, though I'm dubious. [/QUOTE]

It appears to be another test that can indirectly detect the ADHD signature.

There are at least 2 other test types that can detect the ADHD signature.

1. IQ test. A processing speed of 15 to >40 points below the other 7 parameters measured.

2. TOVA and similar tests. Tests 4 cognitive functions closely associated with attention not covered by IQ tests.

Test anxiety can cause false negatives. The stimulation temporarily overrides ADHD symptoms. It's the same mechanism that can falsely show high blood pressure in the doctor's office.

The IQ and TOVA type tests are included in the battery of tests collectively called an ADHD evaluation. The eval includes subjective patient answered tests and parent, teacher and/or spouse observations.

My experience: An ADHD eval conducted by a good psychologist gets you a pretty accurate diagnosis.

Brain scans that can display the brain while at work will show the "break" as accurately as static scans show stroke and head trauma damage.

Dr. Daniel Amen pioneered the use of SPECT scans for ADHD diagnostics. Other scans, such as fMRI's (functional MRI), appear to be useful.


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