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Do her violent outbursts happen 24-7, or is there a pattern? Could they be PMS/hormone related at all?

I have ADD and your daughter sounds a lot like I was at that age (only I wasn't diagnosed with ADD until my 20's). I had anger issues that started around the same time puberty hit, so we knew the two were related and thought it was just kind of normal "teenager going through puberty" behavior. I finally started noticing a pattern with my outbursts, once my cycle kind of regulated itself. I had one or two days one week before my period started, where I was just HORRIBLE and angry and then a day where I was really emotional and depressed, then a couple of okay days, then my period would start and I was a horrible, angry, emotional mess for the entire length of my period, which would last 7-8 days, and then usually I was moody for the next couple of days after that. Then I might have a decent few days before it started all over again. I really never got a break!

Once I got on adderall for my ADD, most of those horrible, angry, emotional symptoms eased up. I was moody and still followed the same pattern, but not to the extreme that it was before.

Oh yeah, and I would've eaten myself to death, had I not gotten on adderall, too! I could sit and eat an entire large pizza in one sitting (stuffed crust!), and then polish off a pint of ice cream for dessert! I was a comfort eater and ate most, when I was hormonal and depressed.

ANYWAY..... just something you might try to pay attention to, if you haven't already.....

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