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I'm 45, male, 270lbs and 5'8" (i.e. obese) and just been diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive. Makes total sense given my history, but I've always been very suspicious of the whole ADD "thing" so never wanted to check it out until now. Anyway, my doctor has started me on Adderall (the instant release kind), and I'm in the very early stages - I think he called it "titrating". I started five days ago as follows:

Day 1: 10mg morning
Day 2: 10mg morning
Day 3: 10mg morning
Day 4: 10mg morning, and then 10mg early afternoon
Day 5 (today): 10mg morning, and then 10mg early afternoon

Tomorrow I move the morning dose up to 20mg and in a week he says I can try pushing up the afternoon dose if I want to as well.

So far I guess I feel I'm taking tic-tacs. It's very hard to say, and I may have experienced a *very* marginal level of ... what shall I call it, "directedness", but I can't be sure. I have a particular cognitive "test" I'm preparing -- namely, entering my overfull email inbox and seeing if I can avoid the usual feeling of being overwhelmed to the point of being unable to start on any of them. So far, I can't say the 10mg has helped there.

What can I expect tomorrow when I move to 20mg? Is the effect linear with dose? In which case I suspect I may be disappointed. And how much is efficacy affected by bodyweight. Remember - although I'm heavy, I'm fat. I presume that means from a dose point of view I may only need to be treated like a normal (180lb-ish) person for my height.

I guess I'll know the answer to my own question tomorrow. And I go back to the doc in a month to report in on how it's going. But I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments.


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