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LoL! who knows maybe i do have ADHD. I can be a blabber mouth and impatient at times (look how many times i've already posted on the thread), guess you diagnosed me already! (Iam just jokin dude chill out.)

Bro, Ive just never been with a chick that has ADD. After Thunor posted I did hit the web and do a little more research and it and yes she is 100% ADD.I was goin down the checklist and thinkin in my head....yep, yep, yep. And i did come to my realization this is who she is and how she will ALWAYS be. Thats cool, its who she is, i ain't even gona try to change her or anybody else on this planet because thats impossible to do. Now...Iam not claiming to all the sudden be an expert on the subject and btw thank you for responding as well.

I also hung out with her last night. I really tried to talk to her and try to get things straight with us.....theres no talkin to the girl. She puts up a brick wall, just when you start to get somewhere shes slappin on more stucco to build it higher. The only real thing she could say was she gets frustrated easily. I said "ok, well alot of people do, everybodys different." I point blank asked her..."do i irritate you?" She said no. I asked her if she wanted me to go, she said no. So were watchin a movie. I take that back I was watching a movie Iam not sure what planet she was visiting at that time. Luckly because of daylight savings time it looked later than it was so made my quick escape. Its almost awkward at times with her. I am not trying to sound or be harsh if thats how its coming off on here. Like i said before it is frustrating because I do like the girl. I have seen glimpses that I really like and she does have some great qualities. (Told her all those things to her on the phone when i got home.) If i was a complete jerk i would have walked away awhile ago. I just dont think me and her are gona last too much longer like this.

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