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I may be way off base, but have you been tested for any kind of sleep disorder? I was diagnosed with ADHD, but I also have Sleep Apnea and have felt a lot like you describe until both conditions were treated. I wear a CPAP and take Adderall XR along with Lexapro. I do feel much better. I work full time and am getting my masters online (in education). I almost had to drop out of the program, but now am doing very well.

I would be completely honest with your doctor about your symptoms, what drugs you have taken (prescribed or otherwise), and how the drugs affected you. Your doctor can't make an accurate diagnosis until they have ALL the facts. I would also see if they could run labs for any auto immune issues.

Your doctor shouldn't be there to judge you, but to help you reach a healthy outcome. It sounds like you are looking at things from a negative viewpoint (which is completely understandable with frustration, exhaustion, and depression). You should give your doctor a chance to work with you. If that isn't happening; think about getting a second opinion.

Good luck with your search for answers.

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