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Adderall XR (extended release) is still being made by Shire. Some people got switched to generic without realizing it and found it didn't work as well. When switching back to the Shire product, it can get expensive.

When you ask for Adderall BRAND NAME, [U]regular, (not time released),[/U] you get pills from manufacturer Teva who is not the ORIGINAL manufacturer. It appears that Shire may have sold the branding off to Teva (or sold to Barr, which was purchased by Teva or something). Not sure about this.

Nonetheless, some are reporting a big difference in the Teva pills, as well as other generics. It seems to depend on the person. If the pills were made cheaper, perhaps the fillers and coating were made differently and the drug delivery is not as smooth. Some complain of mood swings, nausea, headaches, trouble sleeping.

It makes sense to me that if you used to get 20mg of Adderall smoothly spread out over 4 hours, you would get one result. Compare that to another pill where the coating and fillers weren't engineered as carefully. Maybe the entire 20mg would start spilling into the bloodstream 40 minutes after you swallow the pill and finish in about 20 minutes. So the level in your bloodstream might peak quickly, then drop quickly. For some that might not cause a big problem, for others a big headache. For some they may notice concentration issues being a huge problem, etc.

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