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I don't believe that Concerta is available in a generic, per se. Concerta is methylphenidate, the same as Ritalin, but is formulated such that your body has to metabolize it before the medication becomes available. This is intended to cut down on abuse, results are at best mixed in this regard. Generic Ritalin is available (methylphenidate).

Adderall is available as a generic in the USA, it is not generic in Canada (I think you're American, but I'm covering my bases).

Either of these will help with the 'get up and go' as will any stimulant. Both can be used as second line treatments for depression, which means they're generally considered only if SSRIs are ineffective. Stimulants definitely can have positive effects on depression, but they tend to be short lived. Another concern is the 'crash' that many experience with Adderall, which leads to depression late in the day. I would discuss this crash with your doctor, as it can be rather jolting. Stimulants can also have the side effect of worsening anxiety, though not in all cases.

As far as which one is superior, it's difficult to say. Concerta will likely have a less pronounced effect than Adderall, but will also likely let you down easier; I've never heard anyone complain about a Concerta crash. Adderall, in my experience, is more effective, but it's a stronger medication and you may experience more side effects. Talk to your doctor and perhaps try one for a trial period, and try the other if you're unhappy with the effects of the first.

Best of luck.

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