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I was diagnosed with ADD a while back. About 3 weeks ago, I got a prescription for 30mg Adderall (regular) to see if I could get some important things done within the next couple of weeks.

For the first week, I was taking 2x day. Then, for about 5 days or so I would take as many as 120mg (this isn't XR) per day. Now, for the past week and a half, I have been taking no more than 60mg to 75mg per day. On to my questions.

I'm going on an international trip in 3 days and I only have 5 or 6 of my pills left.

Question: How long should I give it to be out of my system, where I do not feel any negative effects of it?

Do I taper down and if so, by how much? I have more to do, and would like to take my 2nd for the day so I can be productive at night. I just worry if I should start tapering already?

After seeing posts of how much some people take, and for the fact that I have only been on these for a few weeks, I don't feel as scared, but the problem is I need more done and I have to decide if I take them now to do it, or take them with me and taper down during the trip.

Or, should I just quit now and let it get out of my system entirely before leaving? I am getting sleep at night for the past week, thankfully. My eating is not the best, I'm just worried about the depressed feelings and lack of motivation. Not sure if that is adderall withdrawal related or not.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!

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