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My daughter has only been seen by her ped. and is on a list for an appt. w/ psychologist in Dec. for testing, he has been recommended to me as being very good with teen issues. I have tried a couple of times to get her
some help when she was younger but no one would diagnose her.
School did not see a problem b/c her grades were A's in elementary.
Only behavior problem at school was talking, bossy, listening skills and wandering around.
In 4 grade I took her to a Psychologist who dealt with gifted children she
told me she could not diagnose her w/o problems in school, but she felt
she was adhd-c type and that probably would not be recognized as an
issue till probably high school because she was able to compensate with
her high IQ. She labeled her as Adjustment disorder.
High School is here and what a mess, grades took a dive, and all of her
behavior problems have escalated to a dangerous level. Her new found
teen freedom has lead her to trouble and the independent work load
is an organizational mess. So I took her to her ped which said she needed
med's for her impulsivity. What a change!!!! I thought my house was a tomb
the first day she took it. Her impulsivityis gone, we can have conversations with out her becoming irritated with me. And she actually listens to me. She loves her medicine, says it helps her think. Her only side effect is the not being hungery and it makes her feel slow which she does not like but she loves that she can think clearly. So here is my questions, she is on Adderall 20 mg once in the morn.
1) I notice if she eats cereal w/ milk at breakfast, her med's are not as effective. Also if she drinks juice or doesn't eat they are more effective. Is this something anyone else noticed this?
2) On the weekends I take her off her meds, she seems very tired and
irritated, argues alot and is easily frustrated. Very difficult to live with. And has gotten in trouble. Does this mean she needs to use the med's all the time? (doc said my choice)
3) Or is the medicine making her feel worse when she does not get to take it?
4) The doc and I have asked her about the so called crash when it wears off in the afternoon but she claims all she has notice's when the medicine wears off is the chaos in her head returns and she does not like it. Doesn't everyone crash with this and could you explain what does happen?
5) I am trying to determine if she is down on the weekends because the med's are causing a depression or is her adhd is just worse b/c she is off the med's? (More frustration and anger)

Her doctor did mention XR but I put this off b/c it is summer and school
is out. If you have seen or experienced any of this with Adderall on and off again I would appreciate you input.
Thank you in advance

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