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If your husband has a hiatal hernia (not sure how to spell it) I know a trick that might work. As you know, this is where the stomach is pushed through into the diaphragm. A doctor told me about this. You drink about 32 oz. of slightly warmer than room temp. water and gulp it down. Then you stand on your tip toes, drop your full weight back down on your feet. Make sure you don't jump, just drop down flat on your feet. The weight of the water in your stomach is supposed to make your stomach come out of the diaphragm. It makes sense really, but can't say if it works or not. I know it sounds strange but if it works it's worth it!

Sorry this doesn't have anything to do with ADHD but hopefully it helps! I'm not an expert or anything, so this isn't medical advice! :) just wanted to throw that out there so I don't get in trouble lol.

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