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My husband has severe ADHD and has tried a lot of medications, but Adderall was not one that he could tolerate. The rebound effects made him so hard to live with that he just avoided coming home. He never complained of anxiety and heart palpitations. He is now taking Strattera. It doesn't give him the brain clarity that the Adderall did, but he's much easier to get along with and it's not a triplicate prescription (controlled) so its easier to get refilled. We know that his concentration and memory could be better, and we are still trying to find the ideal treatment, but this is working for us for now. There are a lot of different medications and even some new ones. You and your doctor will have to find out what works for you.

As for the anxiety and heart palpitations, that could be from side effects, improper dosage, anxiety issues, endocrine problems, or even low blood sugar. Writing down when it happens in relation to your medication dosage, meals, etc. will better help your doctor determine what is causing the problem.

My husband also has problems with being able to relax at night to go to sleep, so he stays up late. Then, he takes medication to sleep, and wakes up groggy and tired when the alarm wakes him. He also has a little sleep apnea. He was tested, and apparently it wasn't enough to warrant a CPAP machine. But, I have watched him snore, obstruct, and stir quite often in the morning. No wonder he can't concentrate. He also has depression and diabetes and occasionally his blood sugar dips from the insulin causing all sorts of symptoms. So, the effects you are feeling could be from a lot of things and not just your medication.

We also saw an ADHD specialist in LA, who also suffered from ADHD and was supposed to be the best in his field. He spun the roulette wheel, and tried him on quite a few different medications. He kept us coming back, traveling several hours to see him, and kept promising to find the right one. He never did. We eventually went back to a very good internist who is now prescribing his medication. By the way, his PA is also very competent and I respect the fact that she knows her limitations and consults the books (PDR) on occasion (there are so many meds out there). If you don't trust your doctor's knowledge on the subject, and your insurance allows, perhaps your doctor can refer you to a psychiatrist who specializes in treating patients with ADHD. You might luck out.
Hope this helps.

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