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Hello all...I will make things as brief as possible:

I am in a 3rd world country right now (Iran) visiting my fam. and I have decided to stay longer and have run out of my meds. They don't have adderall or amphetamine salts because of the amphetamine and I could not get my hands on it whatever I did (I even went to a special doctor and got a special prescription and went to the Red Cross but they never have it in stock).

I called my doctor and he called my gf and told her for the mean time, I could substitute my medication with ritalin.

Now, my prescribed dose of adderall was 60 mg/day but I have been taking about 30 mg/day since I have been here. I got Ritalin...but I will start taking it tomorrow as I just ran out of my adderall tonight.

What kind of differences should I notice and what should I do to make my body prepared? Is ritalin like adderall in the sense, when I take it I notice the immediate effects? Or unlike adderall, does it go in the blood stream long-term? I want to know how I should prepare for the effects of ritalin and how many hours does it last approximately when I take it?

I wasn't able to talk to my doctor directly (I had left him a message and he had spoken to my gf); what kind of dosage should I take compared to the adderall? Each ritalin tabet is 10 mg.

Any input from personal experience etc. would be highly appreciated. I have been taking adderall/amphetamine salts for 3-years now so I am just a little worried to how my body is going to react. Thanks again for all your help and glad to be a part of this board! :)
Today is the 2nd day I took it. I noticed my blood pressure was high last nighT (I took 2, 10 MG tablets yesterday)...pretty high and I felt high today too....but I know my body needs to get some getting used to this ritalin. We will see how it goes...thank you for your reply..
MY blood pressure yesterday (during night of course when blood pressure is high...but regardless it was the 1st day of my medication and I was on my 2nd dose (pill) of the medication at the time) it was: 160/100 and I am 26-years old but again it was my 1st day of my medication and I had not drank much water. Today I have drank a lot of water and feel better but I will have my cousin take my blood pressure when she comes here in a bit..

Today I did space it out. Thank you so much for your reply and advice it is highly appreciated. The med says to take 2-3 times a day I only took 10 MG twice yesterday and the same today so far. On my adderall, I was taking 60/mg a day when I was in the U.S. but for the last month and a half I had reduced my adderall level to less than 30/mg a day (because of reduced workload) so that corresponds with the ritalin use of 2-3 times a day 10 MG for now. It says I can take 2-3 up to 40-60 MG/day but because of my reduced adderall use I am good with 20-30 mg/day for now....when my workload goes up (even while I am here I need to catch up on some things) I will see how my body reacts to what I need but for now I am taking it easy and seeing how things go..

Like you said; of course it is a different medication and esp. at the beginning my body is prob. going to react differently and have different feelings. I have felt "high" with the ritalin since yesterday (at diff. levels...usually after 1-hour of taking it) but that is how I felt when I started my adderall 3-years ago or so at the beginning...I will keep things in track and any other input or advice is of course always appreciated...

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