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3 months ago, my psychiatrist was asking me questions about how my prescription for Zoloft and Wellbutrin were going. I said they were going fine except that I was still having memory problems. He pulls out a book, the DSM IV I am guessing, and asks me if I lose things, have piles of stuff, etc. etc. I answer yes to all of them.

He says I might have ADD primarily inattentive, and I am totally shocked. I'd asked previous doctors if I had ADD before because I knew it wasn't normal to have such disorganization and forgetfulness, but they always said it was just from anxiety, that I wasn't hyper.

All my life I have had no confidence in my abilities at all, just assumed I'd forget something and screw it up. Depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem have plagued me since I can remember.

I've always needed roadside assistance for when my keys ended up locked inside the car. I've needed keyless entry (honked when I locked it) so I could find the car when wandering around the parking lot. I've needed GPS because I get lost very very easily.

I'm famous for piles of papers, famous for procrastinating, famous for being very very lethargic and seeming like I was very slow (yet being considered highly intelligent). I was just called lazy by everyone, which would always infuriate me. It took 6 years to get my associates degree, from having to take some classes upwards to three times. If the teacher was a jerk or if the class was boring, it was extremely difficult to get myself to go.

At work, few of my coworkers could stand working with me because of the total absentmindedness. I was getting extremely anxious and depressed because I was forgetting the simplest things. When my hair started thinning, I started making an effort to see my counselors/psychiatrists regularly. I also happen to have a job way under my skill level because it is unionized and much harder for me to get fired for forgetting to do half my responsibilities...

So I am sitting there on the doctor's couch and I nearly start crying. I feel so relieved that there's now a possibility of hope, a possibility of something to help me. He prescribes me Concerta 36mg.

After a month I come back and I tell him that I can see a difference, that I have an easier time keeping track of things at work, but that I think it can do better. I say I also like that Concerta gives me energy. Upon saying this, he asks me perhaps I do not have ADD. I say I have read many books on ADD and I am convinced that I do. A doomed feeling washes over me and I ask to try Adderall. He agrees.

I am not on a very high dose, just 10mg XR. The first few days, I feel fine the first few hours after taking it, then at around the 5th hour, I feel this overwhelming urge to SLEEP. My head feels extremely heavy and I am very disoriented and have cognitive problems. I had to call in sick to work. On the second day, the same thing happens. I decide to take another pill at 5 hours and the symptoms go away after about 20 minutes. My heart rate dropped down to 55 beats a minute. I realize how dangerous it is to try this, but it tells me that maybe those problems are from withdrawals.

I am now at 2 months on Adderall, and I don't have the headcrushing dizziness or 12 hour sleeping bouts anymore, but I feel tired all the time. I sleep about 9-10 hours a day, and I am now buying energy drinks by the case. I wake up groggy. It's definitely helping my memory, but only about halfway it seems. I want to take more, but my doctor won't increase the dosage because of how tired it is making me. He's even still leary I may not have ADD.

Not sure these side effects are worth it. Both Concerta and Adderall improve my problems, but I don't see a huge difference... I have read that Adderall is the medication of choice for Primarily Inattentive, so is my prescription too light? Too low? Do I even have ADD?

You said:

[I][B][COLOR="Navy"]"I want to take more, but my doctor won't increase the dosage because of how tired it is making me. He's even still leary I may not have ADD."[/COLOR][/B][/I]

You are new so you can't know that recently I thought I had good reason to STOP believing doctors are the dumbest SAB's on the planet. I wish I never read the quote.

They ARE the dumbest SAB's on the planet. I'm mean SOB's.

I just checked to make sure you aren't seeing a GP. Nope, she seeing a freaking shrink: [I][B][COLOR="Navy"]"my psychiatrist"[/COLOR][/B][/I]

And dose? [I][B][COLOR="Navy"]I am not on a very high dose, just 10mg XR.[/COLOR][/B][/I]

And the bozo is thinking not ADD because 10mg of Adderall is making you sleepy? Just where in bozo boy's shrinking manual is that test listed?

[COLOR="Red"][B]Patient feeling fatigued from 10mg Adderall - litmus test sure - NOT ADHD.[/B][/COLOR]

Your shrink is none too smart. I so hate going back to my old ways, I have no choice. [B]FIRE the bozo.[/B] And find yourself a genuine psychiatrist.

I can share a few facts that even though true may not apply to you. All of us need a highly qualified, experienced and current shrink. Please accept it as information that generally applies to primarily inattentive type ADD.

You need more stimulant than combined or any other ADHD subtype. Primarily inattentive MAY NOT respond to 40mg / day which is considered maximum. I've read reports by the Harvard Medical School. I thought that meant top shelf school. Maybe not. Or your guy doesn't stay current. He's incompetent on top of stupid. The report in substance stated that much higher than 40mg/day can be used if well tolerated by the patient. That means, if 40mg isn't enough, doctors can safely go higher if it doesn't keep you awake for a week and during same week don't eat. And your BP doesn't go through the roof. And no other stimulant caused abnormalities become apparent.

Many with primarily inattentive ADD need more than 40mg/day and do tolerate it very well. Most of this dialog is not to say you need more than 40, rather too show your boy's reluctance to up your does is yet another sad sign of his shrinking qualifications. I'll be damn, the logic reversal is true - his qualifications are shrinking. If you can't fire him, get him to up the dose somehow. If he won't, threaten to give him an IQ test. The boy will perhaps top 60 on one of his better days.

An Adderall unwanted side effect is drowsiness. Com'n, how can a stimulant cause drowsiness? Beats me. Don't matter. Many of us on this board including myself have experienced Adderall caused drowsiness.

The drowsiness will probably go away on a higher dose after a couple, three weeks of consistently taking the med every day.

There are many reasons bozo doctors push me over the edge. I visited me a few of that type. Then I had to pay for their $*** service.

More importantly, I suppose, they influence people to take more of the med than prescribed or conclude there's no solution to their attention problems.

Read over your own description, parallaxed. ADD has done a number on you. Me too. Thu too. Others too. I'll put me in your shoes. I'd fire him on the spot. And based on my history, leave him with a few other choice words he think not complimentary.


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