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My son is 6 (in August) and was diagnosed with ADHD, in November of 2009, right after the first 9 weeks of school. He is a very brilliant child and excels in all subjects. We started our journey of trying different meds and he's now on generic Adderall and then a fast release form of Adderall in the afternoon. The morning pill doesn't seem to get him all day. He's also takes Clonidine to sleep. He has nightmares and issues getting to sleep.

The littlest things seem to set him off and the anger comes out. He will throw things, talk back, not listen, say mean and hateful things, slap and punch his big sister, he even recently has started biting her (yes, at almost 6) and the list goes on. I feel we have to walk on eggshells so that he doesn't get mad. I feel that I am only hurting him cause I will walk on eggshells just so that he doens't get upset.

Other things that he has started doing, he will punch his leg (leaving a bruise) while playing his DS. Not only out of anger but also waiting on the game to load to the next level. He has started grinding his teeth in his sleep and while awake causing damage and he's had to have 2 of them pulled. One tooth being one that he wouldn't have lost til at least 8. I am wondering if these 2 aren't tics. Not 100% sure though.

We had our 1st appointment with the psychiatrist a week ago. He's still waiting on paperwork from all other Dr's involved, but based on the info I gave him he felt that my son has ADHD combined type. And of course he was an angel during the entire hour and half appt. :)

He has taken him off all stimulant medications and put him on Strattera. He has started him on 10 mg for 4 days then 18 mg for 4 days and then 25 mg with hopes that we stop at 25 mg. I have not heard much about Strattera on it's own. I have heard of some kids that have taken it with a stimulant med.

The psychiatrist felt that the non stimulant med was the way to go for my son due to the anger issues. He won't have the ups and downs on the Strattera like he did on the Adderrall. (previously on 5mg of Adderall and 2.5 mg in the afternoon)

Anyone have any expierence with Strattera by itself with a child that has anger issues and very defiant?

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