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I have been on concerta while also using lamictal and I BELIEVE cymbalta. I think I also stopped taking the concerta at some point and was just taking lamictal and cymbalta for a while, maybe a year. My doctor believed I had bipolar disorder (type 2) for the longest time, but I think that ADD is more likely the suspect. I haven't combined much else, though I THINK I may have taken welbutrin and concerta at the same time at some point too. Not positive on that one. More recently I tried vyvanse and lithium at the same time, but only for about 3 months because neither was working and the lithium just kept having worse side effects the higher dose I went. So far haven't really found a combination that works, and I haven't tried combining medicine too much.

I have also been on effexor for few months, lexapro for a few months. Tried adderal at some point and couldnt deal with the side effects. Concerta is the med I've gone back to most but it doesn't work the way I need it to and when I get to a higher dose it only makes me really agitated and irritable.

I've also tried abilify for a few months but it had undesirable side effects as well, also didn't appear to work.

Currently I'm taking strattera and xanax (because I already have anxiety and have had multiple panic attacks. the strattera seems to make my anxiety worse, and I'm not willing to give up on it yet since I only recently started taking it).

I THINK I covered everything lol

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