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Re: Laurien
Dec 12, 2000
yes, ADD/ADHD and LD are 2 separate disorders. It's possible for a person to have both, and that may well be the case with Laurien.

While ADD can impact a person's learning, it does by interfering with their ability to attend to instructions and focus their attention to complete the task, not by preventing them from understanding the topic. Unless a person with ADD ALSO has a specific learning disability, you would expect their IQ and academic achievement to be within or near the average range, and for IQ and achievement to be close to each other. However, their actual performance in school is often considerably lower than expected, because they have trouble completing (but not understanding!) tasks which are within their capability level.

My daughter does not go to special ed school. She attend normal school, and goes to special ed classroom to have tests from the regular science and geography classes read to her. She can also go for help with assignments, but never has needed to. Students who need more assistance than she does receive it.

In a special education classroom, one's instruction is individualized according to their needs. it's not unusual for a teacher to teach 3-4 different levels to the same age group, depending on each student's capabilities to learn.

I've never yet met a learning disabled child who was totally unable to learn any math. Some are more impaired than others, but all can make *some* progress

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