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Are there any known links between ADD and sleep disorders? Based on my history and research I feel that it is likely that I have ADD. I have not been in for an evaluation yet, The only person I have found in my area that specializes in adult ADD is not taking any new patients. I have an appointment with a sleep clinic because I do not sleep well (actually my wife does not sleep well because of me), and I never wake up refreshed. Imagine having a difficult time concentrating and being tired. Anyone know of any connection?



I have the same problem, I have difficulty sleepy,, extreme difficulty and do not concentrate well, I take an add med and a med to aid sleep,, it's all related,, the fact that you do not sleep well has everyhing to do with why you feel tired and do not concentrate well, you feel tired because you do not sleep well,, and you do not concentrate well or concentrate like you would like to because you do not rest your brain enough
write me back I am not trying to be a know it all just giving my opinion
thanks topper for posting
2 things come to mind. The not sleeping well and waking up not feeling refreshed is often a sign of sleep apnea. If this is what it is they find this out at the sleep clinic. Second you mentioned that the only psych person dealing with ADD isn't taking new they do testing there too. You need to be tested for ADD to be truely sure that is what you have. Get a referral to a clinic that does ADD testing and if you do test positive THEY can advise you what your next step should be. Hope this helps.

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