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I took Dexedrine IR tablets for 3 years tom treat ADHD. The med worked for a while then seemed to fizzle out quicker with time. The Doc would up the dose a bit then it gradually lost it's effectiveness so up the dose again until I was taking 40mg. AM, 40mg. afternoon, 20mg. late afternoon (I must also tell you this med was originally Rx'ed to ward off droopiness from Methadone I was on for Chronic Pain, 40mg. twice daily, this was how the ADHD was discovered). My Dr. (a Pain Mgmnt. doc) tried me on Adderall SR. It helped the Methadone lethargy and cleared my mind like never before. I was on 30mg. twice a day for a few years. I eventually began to see a Psych Doc for Depession/Anxiety disorder who took over the non-pain meds in conjuntion with the pain doc. It was after some time that I was able to get to where I no longer needed Methadone and came off it. It seemed the Adderall was not doing well at this point so my doc tried me on Vyvanse. I was on 50mg. AM, 30 mg. PM. It seemed to do well for a while but it also made my weight drop, my jaws were tight and my face thinned out. I began to feel "weird" or something so after only 2-3 months, we switched back to Adderall, this time 30mg. SR three times a day. This may seem like a lot but I also take Xanax and Prozac/Wellbutrin. Of all the meds for ADHD, the Adderall worked best but it does seem to have "highs and lows" with it. I guess that seems to happen to many, I wonder what switching to IR Adderall would help. Good luck, Jackbeanstalk

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