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So, I've been on Adderall for about six weeks. It's a whole new life, mitigated only by my sadness and anger that no one who has treated me for mental health problems in the past ten years even noticed the ADD.

The problem? Well, side effects. I'm not sleeping much and I'm not eating much, but I'm working on it, and it feels like I'll get into a routine eventually.

What I can't handle is my mouth. It just hurts. The insides of my lips and cheeks have sore patches and get swollen. I have developed a tendency to rub my tongue against the backs of my teeth, and it gets rubbed raw, to the point where it feels blistered.

Is this how people on meth lose all their teeth and get creep looking? Please tell me this is different...

The dry mouth is tolerable, usually. But sometimes my mouth just feels like sheets of sandpaper rubbing each other. It definitely affects my eating patterns--I don't want to eat irritating things, like oh, whole grains or fruit, and want nothing but ice cream and bland carbs, because they help it hurt less.

Mouthwash seems to help a little, at least with the swelling. Any other suggestions? Unfortunately, I'm an insurance gap right now, so although my dr said he would do the refills, I can't really go in for a consult for something petty like this.

I am on a high dose. High dose of Adderall XR first thing in the morning and then Adderall instant release in mid-afternoon. Titrated up slowly, ended up at a dose that worked great for focus, but I was a little jittery and backed off a little. Now, except for mouth issues, I can handle the side-effects and I am functional, for the first time in memory. I can't switch to another drug or experiment with other options right now, because of lack of insurance and overall stability. I really need to find a way to be make this more tolerable.

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