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Hello I was just diagnosed with ADD today and I found that when I went to go get Adderall that the price on it was extremely expensive even with my insurance. Are there generic brands that would be cheaper? I can't be spending $150+ for 30 days of 10MG tablets.
Oh yeah that's what did. EVERYONE told me that she f-ed up.

Anyways I'm on this for the second day. No problems with my diet, I couldn't sleep much and when I did wake up from four hours of sleep I felt wide awake. Also I feel depersonalized again... Kinda dizzy almost. My doctor said it's my body getting used to the drug and other people have told me that it's a normal side effect.

Anyone else get dizzy on ADD meds? Specifically Adderall.
Smart thing to do. Listen to your Dr. although I don't think they have a clue as to how it actually feels being ADD. Like a dentist who removes all your teeth and puts false ones in and think you're all well. I've had several Dr's tell me about coming off ADD meds and the "bumpy ride" you have on several. You do know you go into detox every night once the drug wears off. That being said, is the reason Dr's like to try different meds on you and with Dex being one that you're not supposed to come off easily just doesn't apply to me. I could well tell when the Adderall did and most of the others I never felt like anything started to begin with? I will admit that my Dr. prescribes Xanax to me along with the Dex. Bingo! I sometimes take a Xanax if I'm feeling "not quite right." I know it sounds like too many drugs and strong drugs at that, but "why" can't the Dr's listen to you. "You" know your body better than anyone and how you feel. I've been trying to take weekend holidays so meds won't build up. I'm fine without them but nooo motivation whatsoever and rather be alone. Is this a good thing for you? I know many people abuse their ADD meds and my Dr. has even given me the ok to do that if necessary. Not take a lot just to get high but when I'm under more pressure (like a big legal case I'm working on now) I do often take an extra dex by the end of day. I just have to make up for it on days that aren't so hectic where I have to think and stay focused. My Wonderful Dr. has even mentioned taking Dex and Vyvanse together! Haven't tried that yet but makes sense to take the Dex early in day and then Vyvanse later. Although, I don't have problems sleeping (because of the meds anyway)

Hope all of this hasn't confussed you more than before but as you can see there are all sorts of ways to treat ADD, different meds, different Dr's opinions, as well as the prices of meds that you experienced. You still have to work on your ADD along with your Dr. & meds. It doesn't just go away taking a miracle pill but it certainly can make your life better. Feel free to ask any questions because I have been dealing with this since a child put on Ritalin 50 years ago. I'm no expert but have found that so many have different situations to deal with and it helps to talk to somene who has also been through this. Best of Luck!


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