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I am a mother of two children, one 17 and one 9. The oldest was diagnosed with ADHD/LD when he was in the first grade. The school decided to hold him back in first grade because he was not absorbing what he needed to go to the 2nd. I decided to put him in a private school, agreed to put him on the medicine (ritalin),as much as I am and was against medicine. He did excellent in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I however do not give the medicine credit, for he was fed a fresh lunch everyday at this private school and was given alot of individual teaching. They of course only had 15 students in each classroom. And they had some type of fruit for snacks. This private school only went to the 3rd grade and I was left with no choice but to put him back in the public school. He started doing worse in school, I had meetings with the councelors and my son was put in an IEP(Individual Education Program) aka special ed. He went thru the next years with alot of trouble and eventually after the ninth grade, stated he did not want to go back to school. He went to work and has worked up to 40 hours a week. His desire is to go into the army, but he needs a GED and some government classes before he can go. Now my 9 year old was just diagnosed with ADD. She eats ALOT of dairy products. Basically, the moral to my story is, I have alot of allergies also(dairy products being one, gluten, yeasts, dyes, preservatives, etc). My diet has been restricted. I have however feed my children what they wanted to eat. I wish I had restricted their diet like mine. My oldest son has gone thru alot of unneccesary grief. It took my 2nd child being diagnosed to make me have a revelation. It sums up to you are what you eat, if you consume chemicals and glues and dyes and preservatives & hormones, your body is going to have problems with this. I personaly think the manufacturers should put in laman terms what they are putting in the foods we eat. And I thank you all for giving me more "food for thought".

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