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Howdy! I am new...on this site...was posting on a parent board for children with major behavioral problems. My son is five and at three was threatening to kill me by cutting my neck off and burning down the house. He would attack me, biting, scratching, kicking, headbutting and on and on and would have to be restrained (his thearpist taught me how) Please excuse my misspelled words as I have dysxliea which I can't spell that either but I am not stupid...thanks. :)

Anyway this parent board had a few smart people on it that begged me to get Nate in for allergy testing and get Dr. Rapp's book, "Is this your child?" and I saw my son in there. He was tested and has 18 airborne allergies, is allergic to yeast, soy, eggs and milk. He is also sentive to dyes and chemicals in foods, and medication. He will become voilent and aggressive after eating anything with yeast in will affect his heart rate. Eggs make him sleepy and milk hurts his stomach.

He has been dx with ADHD, ODD and distrubtive disorder....I don't believe he has a brain disorder at all. I cook foods fresh and avoid the packaged, frozen processed foods that are loaded with dyes, chemicals and pretivites (?) and he is so much calmer. I think if a head shrink looked at him now he could not dx Nate with any of the above.

Also not reling on any website but the book, "Ritalin is not the answer, a drug free, practiacl program for children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD." by David B. Stein, Ph.D. He states: "Many articles stae that Ritalin is a relatively mild amphetamine. However, please recall that in the Federal Government Control Act of 1988, Ritalin is classified in Schedule II, the same category as concaine, opium, and morphine. This indicates that it has a high potential rish for abuse and addiction.

Continueing to quote here: Side effects:Short term side effects of amphetamines, including methylphenidate (Ritalin), in children include insomnia, tearfulness, bebound irritability, toxic psychosis, personality changes, nervousness, skin rash, fever, nausea, dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations, dyskinesia (strange tongue and face movements), drowsiness, blood pressure changes, cardiac arrhythmia, angina and abdominal pains."

On the long term side effects he talks about how Ritalin affects the child's growth and weight gains...and how so few studies on long term side effects have even been done.

To make a long story short here it really doesn't matter to me, a mom what Ritalin is called or what type of drug it is. All I know is my son had almost all the above side affects listed, his heart pounding so hard in his chest I could see it. The first hour on it he could literally not stop talking. Then the next hour he wouldn't or couldn't stop and he would just cry or glare angyily at me.

Once it worn off for the day he was so hyper he was awful..he couldn't get to sleep until midnight. This all happened over a holiday weekend so I was unable to call the dr...I thought maybe once he got used to it he would be alright..he continued to get worse so by the third or fourth day, I can't remember now I had cut the pills in half....didn't matter...oh and he also got a rash from it too.

The dr took him off of it right away...of course that day I hadn't even given him a pill I knew something was terribly wrong.

Nate contiues to get better each day as long as he doesn't eat something he is allergic too. That is why I am here...I think he has developed a new allergy but I am having trouble tracking it down. Plus having an allergic child is hard enough to deal with.

There are so many polluatants in our world that I think our food, water and air is affecting our children. Studies are showing a huge increase in children dx with autisum, ADD, ADHD, LD, ODD and on and on...something is wrong and I want to find out what it is so I can help my child.

Did anyone read the new study out by CDC about finally admitting the pollution and other posions in our enviroment are directly affecting people including developing children's minds?

Nate, five years old, 18 airborne allergies, food allergies, yeast, soy, eggs and milk. Also recates to red dye 40 and many meds. DX with ADHD, Sensory intregration disorder, autoriy processing disorder and the list goes on.
Me, the mom, 40yrs older mom but no wiser. EX..sitting in jail where he belongs

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