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[QUOTE=jenaca]from someone who knows, i estimate 70 percent of teens with stimulant meds will be either selling them or abusing within time. if your son is snorting ritalin hes been doing this awhile. no he can't go back to useing them correctly. adderall is not not a good idea, most people i know would abuse that over ritalin any day. parents really have no idea about these meds. if you really want him on meds, try concerta. its not snort friendy, and it pales in comparasion to ritalin. if you are afraid he will start self medicating, you probably should be. this could go on for a long time, and really cause all sorts of problems. i started abusing adderall in my late teens and it started serious addiction cycles. im still struggling with it. you need to take care of this right now and agressively. there are some kids who abuse stimulants and are fine when the phase is over. but for some it continues. if your son is the latter the important thing is to stop it before it becomes intergrated into his self and abilities. ive subliminally taught myself i cant be productive without it. it stopped being about getting high years ago. this advice might be extreme for your case, i can't know. but this happens alot alot more than parents know. it always suprised me that most adults really had no idea how abusable these drugs are and how much kids abuse them. i could even tell you how much kids sell them for. 2 for 5. ok ill stop now. im only telling the secrets because it has screwed me up permanetly. i wish i never started. i moved on from every drug experiemented when younger but adderral torments me. i actually prefered it over cocaine. and no im not a screwed up loser. im actually an excellent artist attending college. most people would be surprised i had this problem.[/QUOTE]

Of course you are not a loser. Years of amphetamines for ADD could easily tempt a teen, who might have become tolerant and thus never quite feels right even on the med, to experiment for a bit of better feeling or simply to make the med more effective so they can be "normal" again.

You know, most in the medical field feel taking ADD meds in childhood will stop a teen from taking illegal drugs(aka self-medicate) but obviously seeing this thread one realizes that's not necessarily true now, is it?

I'm one who believes it can increase, not decrease, the chances of that. For one thing, the brain becomes very dependant and tolerance buildup causes even the higher prescribed doses to not be effective and the brain itself by this time can't produce enough of the chemicals that makes it function normally on it's own anymore.

You no doubt were one of the many victims of psychiatric medications broken promises..

But in time, the brain can rebuild alot of it's neurotransmitters so recovery is always possible.

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