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First off, I have an 8 year old with ADD. I think she may have some mental problems that will need addressing eventually. She started on the dexotrine (?) not sure if I spelled that right. It gave her terrible stomach cramps. Different doctor said that was mainly for older individuals and put her on Ritalin. She took 2 pills a day for 2 years. She was outgrowing the dose it seemed and we increased it but she'd also lost like 10 pounds in the year too. She's 8 and a half and weighs 45 pounds. She's very skinny and meds are terrible with the appetite. We changed meds again this year to Adderall hoping that the different meds would help make her focus and keep what appetite she has. The teacher tells me that she's doing wonderful at school and I can see it at home with reading and math. She was almost 7 before she could read a simple book!!! I'm very proud of her and love her very much. It's tough to watch your child when you know there is a genius in there, that's distracted by what time it is, the color of your shirt, the show that's on tv, ect...

The only side effects that I see or worry about is the appetite and she has a terrible temper. I'm not sure if the temper is add related or meds related or if it's a mental condition that needs addressing. She is fine at school but seems at home she can go from a loving kissy-huggy to a yelling screaming trantrum-throwing 2 year old. I have seen the Opra and Maury shows with these kids on video being terrible at home, I've thought about videoing her in her episodes but I'd be afraid she'd break the camera in an attemp to keep any one else from seeing this side of her.

I think sometimes she tries to hard to be good and calm at school that she sucks in all her anger and frustration and just lets it go with the ones who are closest to her because we forgive it. She will have outburts then stop and be "normal" and tell you she's sorry until you accept her apology but seems to use us to let all this anger out. It makes it very hard on her dad and I to be loving and understanding to her all the time. We become very frustrated.

Just a little bit of our situation. Perhaps it helps someone else on theirs or they have some suggestions on where we might go from here for a more peaceful home.

Mother of Carolyn 8 years old ADD on Adderall

"When life, and sometimes the people in it, throw stones, build your dream castle."

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