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Im a high school student and i have never been tested or diagnosed with add but my friend is on adderral for adhd. I was asking him about his medicine and he just simply explained it as "if you are hyper it makes you calm and if you are calm it makes you hyper". He offered me some at lunch so i took 30mg. After a little while I started noticing that I was more active and less shy. I was also amazed at how easy it was to concentrate and grasp what my teacher was talking about. I was kind of jittery but focused at the same time. I do not know how most people react to adderral, but i know it sure helped me when i took it. I began to wonder about adderral and add and my main thought was that I didn't even notice a problem until I had taken the adderral and seen the difference between "normal thinking" and "my thinking". I relate it to this: some people don't think they need glasses until they try on someone else's with a prescription close to their own and realize that things are much clearer and it is way easier to see. So I began to research it and discovered it was an amphetamine and i read the symptoms that other people posted as a result of their add and i show some of those symptoms too but I thought that everybody had trouble like me, but I guess not. here are my symptoms and tell me if it sounds like i might have add or adhd:
1. sometimes several good ideas pop into my head at the same time and I try to think about them but I am only able to remember one of them and if i leave one to try and remember another then I never remember and it is lost forever and sometimes i even lose the origional thought. (I dont know if this is normal or a symptom of add)
2. I am not able to concentrate on my school work and i often find myself 5 min till the bell with not a single word on my paper (again, I dont know if this is normal or a symptom of add)
3. I take a lot longer to do my work than most people, but my answers are usually correct. (again, I dont know if this is normal or a symptom of add)
4. I cannot do more that one with at a time. Ex. i cannot talk (or fully listen) to anybody while trying to work and i cant listen to music and do homework at the same time. I can't drive down the road while looking for other people in other cars and drive properly. There are exceptions to this one, like i can drive a stick-shift, and i can use my computer while listening to the radio. (add or normal?)
5. im not at all good at peotry or spanish even though i have all a's in everything else
6. I absolutely CAN NOT do homework at home, even when it is silent and im looking at a bare wall. as soon as I get home if i try to do homework, my mind starts replaying the day in small segments and no matter how hard i try i can't get focused on my work. 7. I never remember anything unless i have something to prompt me. My parents think that i "conveniently" forget to do my chores and they ground me if i dont do them when i get home, but no matter how bad the punishment i never remember. I don't even remember to do things that i look forward to doing. If i remember to 'vacuum the house when i get home' while im on my way to the house then i must keep repeating it in my head to keep other thoughts from taking its place but that doesnt even work.
8. i have really sloppy handwriting and i print my name for a signature.
9. I have not been able to see a magic-eye poster since i was really young.

I make a's in all my classes but spanish and my parents have always told me that im smarter than most kids my age but i have to work pretty hard to keep those grades up and it seemed like even though i was only on it for 1 day, the adderral made it drastically easier and if i could be on it every day i would barely have to put forth any effort to ace my classes.
My friend just gave me 45mg at lunch again today (my second time to ever take it) and i got really high from it and i was being really loud and abnoxiuos in my 7th period spanish final exam (i dont have any friends in there so i never talk to anybody but the teacher) and everybody was looking at me funny and saying I was stoned and my teacher called the office and 2 escorts brought me to the office and made me empty my pockets and shoes and socks and pull up my shirt and pants legs. they took my blood pressure and pulse and eye dialation. they said my pulse was abnormal, my eyes were slow and dialated, and my blood pressure was high. they called my dad and told him that they beleived i was on some kind of drug and they told him my symptoms. well, i took my spanish final in the office while i was still buzzing and it was still way easier to understand even though i think I almost o.d.ed on it. I know i took way too much that time, but if it can help me get good grades then i'll keep getting it from my friend because it makes him lethargic and he would rather be hyper anway. do you think i have add or are the "amazing results" i see from adderral just in my head, like when they did that study there people tried a new migrain pill and were 90% satisfied but it turned out to be placebos?

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