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I've had the inattentive-type ADD symptoms as far as I can remember, and my family's problems-one being !DIVORCE!-which I will NOT go into depth, made overlooking my problems simple. I've always been somewhat of an outcast with a couple friends, and a low self-esteem, but always complimented by teachers as very creative and intelligent individual. I've always been interested in how things work; Always had my mind the mechanic/electronic field, since I was a tiny kid. I have never been the social type because of low self-esteem, and extreme social anxiety. The negatives that I have aforementioned have made my life, especially my childhood very depressing.

High school was HORRIBLE. I thought of committing suicide constantly, and often drew myself away from the people. Grades suffered because I could never keep my mind on one thing, especially something I disliked, for more than 20 minutes. My sophomore year in high school my biological mother had called my school to tell them that I needed to see the counselor because extreme signs of depression were prevalent to her. I only was allowed once visit before my step mom (my father had custody of me at the time) had restricted the school to continue my counseling. Depression…

My college experiences had introduced me to "RAVING", which itself isn't entirely a bad idea, except for the massive amounts of illegal drugs consumed, such as Ecstasy. I've "rolled" twice now, and can remember the extreme euphoria-as your serotonin rushes through your brain you experience, what ravers call PLUR, an acronym for "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect" It took me a couple times until I realized that this awesome ability to socialize with anyone I wanted, and feel like "YOU ARE THE *@#*" wasn't worth the hangover the next day, often called "sketching out" MDMA can also cause neuro-toxicity, which will scramble your serotonin, dopamine, among other important brain chemicals.

Finally (Thanks for reading this far), I was not diagnosed with ADD until I dropped out of college my freshman year, and seeked professional therapy. About a week ago, the 26th, I was prescribed 5mg pills of Adderall by my physician. I was in for a surprise.

Unknowing that Adderall is similar, and sometimes used as an alternative dance-drug, I popped my first 'hit', only the prescribed amount of 5mg, as soon as I got home. I WAS AMAZZZED! I felt almost as good, if not as GOOD, as I did when I took Ecstasy-except for the fact that I had an incredible ability to focus! I maintained this euphoric feeling for the first two days after I started medicating, but then once again I realized "Whatever comes up must come down." The coming down was horrible, but only lasted for a day and really didn't feel quite as bad as Ecstasy’s "day-after effect" I continued taking the medication, and the day after I felt a only the focus potential of the drug, but was quite irritable and moody, at one point almost suicidal.

The roller coaster is starting to get a little tiring, and I would like to know if there is a way I can maintain the euphoric-feeling permanently. I HAVE been taking my prescribed dosage, and wish for an explanation. Any and all comments, advice is welcome.

Everybody, including me, loves the Adderall euphoria I had experienced. HOW CAN I KEEP IT?

Hi there,

This is my first post to this board - i'm afraid it's quite long, but please bear with me and if you lose interest or get overstimulated, come back to it later and read in little bursts :-)

i have not been using Meds for very long, however i am a voracious reader (my deficiencies are in the writing-area <grins>), so i would like to add some thoughts to those already expressed here. First of all, i agree with those who have said that your euphoria/crashing-experience sounds like the reaction of a person who may not, in fact, have ADD/HD, since those of us with ADD/HD don't normally experience any kind of "high" with the stimulant Meds (and as you may have read already, there are a number of other conditions which have similar symptomology). A couple of other possibilities could be that you do have ADD/HD, but either you just don't do well on Adderall, or you may have a co-morbid condition (like depression, or bi-polar, or anxiety disorder) that is affecting your response to stimulant medication. It certainly sounds like depression is a likely factor in your situation, which is common in people with ADD/HD.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: None of us on this list can stress emphatically enough to you, HOW CRUCIAL IT IS that you TELL YOUR DOCTOR about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you have experienced while taking the Medication, no matter how unimportant some of it may seem, and no matter what else you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though Ritalin, Adderall, Dexadrine etc. are, overall, very safe drugs for people with ADD/HD, they should NOT be taken if they have the kinds of side-effects you have experienced!!! A friend of mine was diagnosed with ADD/HD and put on Ritalin, but did not get better until it was determined that he actually had bi-polar disorder and got on Depakote, wherupon the ADD/HD-like symptoms improved dramatically.

There are a number of medications that do wonderful things for those of us who struggle with these kinds of problems - Adderall is not the only option. i had a really unpleasant experience with Adderall, but Metadate has worked quite well. However, it's only been in the time since my Doctor switched my anti-depressant from Zoloft to Effexor, that my mind has really started functioning well. It turns out that Effexor works with the Dopamine and Norepinephrine pathways as well as with those involving Serotonin, so it has shown significant benefits for ADD/HD and Anxiety problems, as well as for Depression. It is also really important that - if at all possible - you find a Psychiatrist who specializes in Adult ADD AND related Disorders, so that you are dealing with someone who is really experienced and up-to-date on ALL the Medications out there, not just the popular ones like Ritalin and Adderall, Prozac and Zoloft.
Wellbutrin, Cyclert, Effexor, and several other Non-"Schedule 2" medications have helped people with ADD/HD who cannot or should not take stimulants, but many Doctors are unaware of them or do not know how to prescribe or monitor them correctly. Of course, this is also apallingly true when it comes to the stimulant Meds, as well.

If you're unable to find or afford a really good Psychiatrist, i would suggest you read "Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the Six Types of Attention Deficit Disorder" by Daniel Amen, M.D. Overall, it's not the book i would most-highly recommend, but i think it has the best information about Medications and Supplementation for ADD/HD and Co-Morbid Disorders (most experts in the field consider his "Type-3, -4, -5, and -6 ADD" to be other Disorders, not other types of ADD). While it's a bad idea to diagnose yourself, or to act like a know-it-all with your Doctor, it IS important that you have good information in order to be able to ask good questions about other possible alternatives.

Lastly, it seems that those people with ADD/HD who really are able to thrive, and have happy careers and stable relationships (or stable careers and happy relationships), are those who treat themselves Holistically - with professional counseling, coaching, good diet, exercise, and whatever else they find that helps them. Try everything (within reason) until you feel REALLy GOOD!!!

Hope you were able to hang in there, and got some helpful information out of it all :-) Good Luck!

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