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Theres one strange thing here, you just take one a day? If the point is to keep stable during the all day, and not getting concentration for a few hours, you are supposed to take one (or a small fraction) several times a day because it acts too fast and is eleminated too fast. The other option is the extended release pills. Otherwise if the drug really works its like a roller coaster.

About finding information, there is a lot but its mostly for hyperactivity and lack of concentration in kids. The funny thing is that its aproved for 6 years old kids in USA, and its given to millions of them, but as an adult you need to be the president to get the perscription because its a controlled substance (includes criminal responsability). They dont sell it in online pharmacies even those hiden in the amazonian jungle (not that I would buy), although they sell really dangerous stuff, like drugs that are lethal in overdose.

And yes you can have it with celexa, although some websites say that it can change the blood concentration (for less) of SSRIs or tricyclics.

About my personal experience with it I stopped taking it yesterday after almost a week of use (60 mgs), and I dont know why I slept for much more time. I was a litle "slow" and sleepy this morning so I used a litle because I had important things to do.

So far I dont notice any significant difference, the only things that changed (in such a moderate way that it could be a coincidence) were:

- a litle bit agitation with it (although I was having it before because of an AD Im having for 8 weeks), and it was no big deal.

- When I stopped (cold turkey) I slept for a longer time than usual (the AD made me sleep much less time since 6 or 7 weeks ago and I used to wake up with open eyes and ready to go), and I was kind of sleepy this morning wich is my "old me" for years.

I used to talk with a lady in her 60s that had Ritalin and for 3 or 4 hours she was able to work and organize things in her small business. she only had it every now and then, when she had things to do, and the depression didnt let her (wich is very frustrating)... it worked really well for her, I cant notice such a big difference.

By the way what are your main symptoms without medication? More like sadness and emotional reactions (like crying) or a chronic form of fatigue and not being able to concentrate. Did your mood changed (in any way) that you could tell the difference, like irritability, or more energy sometimes?

In my case its a chronic form of fatigue and attention problems, and incapability of being persistant for a long time, I used to get the zero level of vitality after any demanding task, all I did was sleep, stay alone and think of suicide, I have never been able to keep a job for more than 2 months even great jobs. Fortunatly there are many jobs in my field around here. But that does not take away the frustration, high school, college and work has been a batle I couldnt win...

The only reason I didnt commit suicide (and I have the pills ready since 1994) was the patience of my mother, if at any point in college I felt pressured, and could not keep up with it... that would be the end. Right now I make savings while I work for the months I don't, if anyone told me such a story I would probably laugh at them, before looking at the mirror.

It's just now that I start to understand my functions, after testing about 20 drugs in 10 years, I know what to do at any point, and it usually works. I've been more or less okay with ADs that are rarely perscribed any more. The best ones for me have been in the market for almost 50 years... the expensive fashion ones dont do anything, or make it worse. Funny...

Please keep us as posted with the news


Dear LMDG24,
Thanks for your reply.
No, the 1 dose a day for MetadateCD is correct. It is and extended release.

Thanks for the heads-up about online pharmacies...i was curious about those, they seem to indicate that they have ADD drugs, but won't let you access unless you sign up. Glad I've saved my money.

Gee, 60mgs seems like a lot to me, compared to my 10mg. Actually, on day 3, I took 20mg (the entire capsule, only had half my espresso for breakfast and was in a fog for 3 hours. I just couldn't get going on anything, and didn't have any thoughts, and it made me cross. After 3 hours, this effect started to wear off a bit and I started to feel a bit more alert. But I was still not with it, still walking and drifting and a bit sleepy (though not as bad as on the 10mg), and so I eventually got fed up and took 50mg of Wellbutrin, (which the metadate is supposed to be replacing, as I have concerns about wellbutrin).Yes, 50mg. I BIT the tablet in half, since I didn't quite know what the interactions would be.
Within 45 mins, I was focused and doign stuff.
I am not sure if this was the ritalin finally kicking in, or the wellbutrin helping along. I had only been on wellbutrin less than a week when I was first diagnosed, and immediately found it worked.I would've kept takign it, but I had concerns about this drug re seizures, and I read some terrible stuff from users online(Yes, I realize you can find bad stuff written about any drug, but this seems to be more than normal).
Later on in the day, though, I again had a mind-whopping headache.

My main symptoms without meds (and I have only been on meds about 2 weeks, first the Well, now the Meta)are extremely disorganized, forgetful, agitated, jump up and down all the time, a zillion thoughts I can't keep up with, can't stay on task, chronic job loss, extreme overwhelm, and the constant head noise just drives me nuts. Days of just real fatigue and simply can't do anything anymore, where everythign feels like the lights are turned on too bright. I also starve to cope with this. Yes. Apparently, starvation heightens alertness by playing around with dopamine and norepinphrine. So I am always slightly underweight because in order to function, I need to remain underfed. I always sensed that this was what I was trying to do over the regulate some missed mechanism. (too much starvation, though, and it goes teh other way, similiar symptoms to's a balancing act, and a difficult one at maintain the 'right' level of starvation!) If I eat what people would call a 'normal' amount of carbohydrate, I get incredibly sleepy, dopey and foggy and headachey as I'm coming 'down', and can't do anything, can't think. In fact I noticed that the metadate symptoms were exactly the same as carbs, for me. Carbs raise serontonin, and it's this that has the sedative (and also antidepressant) effect. I've been treated for depression over the years, and although the AD's help somewhat, theyv'e never addressed the racing brain, hyperactivity,and other.

I know what you mean about the despair. I lost recently yet (another) job, and although there were extentuating circumstances, my undiagnosed, untreated problem did not help. I too have reached teh point many times wonderign what was wrong with me? Why can't I just do the normal things that other people do? Why does life seem to overwhelm me, even in the small things? Why does it always seem like the world is on a 2000 wattage and a relentless glare, so bright even if I shade my eyes I can't see?

Hey, thanks for your story.

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