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Thank you Wendyhud for that info. Yes, I'm very careful about these meds. He has a very good pediatrician, he knows alot about add & adhd. He's also the medical director at the hospital. This middle aged doctor is a geru on add & adhd. His last pediatrician did not know really anything about it. So I took him to this doctor whose an expert. I've had really good luck so far. Next time I take my son in to see him, I will ask him if he should have a blood test done for any kind of liver problems. I know he would complain of a tummy ache with his concerta, but the nurse told me to give it to him after he eats his breakfast, and he should be okay then. So I did, and everything is okay so far. I still keep an eye out on him and make sure he's monitored by his doctor. Any side effects, I report to his doctor immediately or call the office and speak to the nurse.
Dear Wendyhud, when I took my son in today to see his pediatrician, I asked him if he should have a blood test for any liver problems and he said no. He said that he didn't need one. Did your child have serious side affects with clonidine? Maybe when you reported this to you sons nurse or pediatrician, they found out about the liver problems then. So far my son hasn't had any side affects at all with clonidine. I even think his appetite has improved after he was put on it. Before he was underweight, but lately he has gained 3 and a half pounds. I was amazed at that. Cuz he always had a hard time gaining weight. If he would have any side effects with this drug, then he could very well have a liver problem & would be taken off right away. So far this has not happened & he's been on it for about 3 weeks now. I know that he can't take ritalin, cuz his heart beats fast & so does his pulse. He'll also talk extremely fast. The dr. took him off of it right away. He's just on concerta & clonidine now.

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