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I take focalin, there is no comedown as far as i can tell period. The difference is ritalin and concerta have d-methylphenidate and l-methylphenidate, i think d is dextro and l is levo. Focalin only has dextro methylphnidate, and for some reason that makes it absorb into your blood very very fast, but there is no lingering about it. It is only supposed to last 4 hours and after that no after effects. It is also twice as potent as concerta or ritalin, 1 mg of focalin = 2 mg of ritalin or concerta. It's also cheaper for me.
I am on Focalin and have been since early 2003. It works great for me. I have no side effects and my weight has stayed the same since I started taking it. The only side effect I see is I will binge eat late at night only after soccer and basketball practices or if I work out late (after 6 pm). I dont think this is the focalin just my metabolism.

I start work at 5 AM and take one 10 mg, then one about noon, and my last one at 4. I go to school full time, work full time and coach my kids sports teams so I stay pretty busy so I need 30 mgs to get me through the day. The recommended dose is only 20 mgs.

I tried concerta and adderal and like the rest of the posts I had similiar side effects as they did. So Focalin has been and still is doing well for me. My son had to come off it due to hair loss. It happened 3 years after he started it we dont know why it took so long but it did. He is 11 now so we put him back on Concerta (the slow release) and so far so good. He starts school tomarrow so we will see how he does in school.


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