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Aug 28, 2002
I am writing to look for some support. I'm 27, and was diagnosed with ADD when I was 22 attending college. I was put on Cylert, but my wife and I didn't like the side effects (it made me really aggressive,and others), so I went off the medication about 2 months later, and never went back in for another perscription. Shortly after, she became pregnant with our first child (we have 2 boys), and since that point, my relationship with my wife has gone steadily down hill. I didn't know how bad things were getting because she wouldn't tell me anything, or would lie to me about how she was feeling. About 2 months ago, she dropped the bomb that she wanted a divorce and asked me to move out. I've been seeing a councelor, and when I told him that I had been diagnosed with ADD, he recommended I go see my doctor and get Wellbutrin. Can somebody tell me what side affects they have experienced with Wellbutrin? Has anyone gone through this situation before, and how did you cope? My wife is now very hostile towards me, but she hasn't started any divorce proceedings yet? Where can I go to for help? :(

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