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I've been with my husband 18 years and just recently he's been diagnosed with ADHD. Before that it's been a life full of problems (alcohol problems, DUI's, never being able to keep a job longer than 18 months, drug problems, impulsive spending, impulsive actions, etc.) The most recent being that he lost his dream job, because he tested positive for meth on a random drug test. While in rehab he was referred to a specialist in ADHD and was found to have moderate to severe ADHD. I guess that was the reason he's had these problems all of his life. His parents refused to see a problem (they still don't belive in ADHD) when he was growing up and he never got treatment. I feel that I am at the end of my rope. This last mess he's gotten himself into has devastated our family financially. The doctor has him on Wellbutrin SR and it seems to have more side effects and does not help that much. I am afraid that if they put him on a stimulant type drug that will cause more of a dependency problem,that is if we can even afford to get the medicine since our insurance won't cover anything for ADD. The doctor had to indicate that he was prescribing the wellbutrin for depression so that the insurance company would allow it. I truly love my husband, I've stuck by him throughout all of his problems to this point, but I don't think I can take anymore. I am starting to become very depressed with a feeling of hopelessness. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences or could offer any advice. Thanks.

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