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Exactly. There is ADD with and with out hyperactivity. I have ADD (non hyper) and my son has ADHD (hyper) and I have only recently at age thirty been diagnosed and only because my son was after some major behavioral problems at age five. In high school, I was the kid who didn't do homework, waited until the night before to do reports and always passed with flying colors. I would rush through tests though and then be bored for the rest of the class. I managed to keep great grades and my terachers loved me but always called me dreamy. I can't keep myself organized to save my life and always joked that I wasn't happy unless I had something to be upset about. Well, come to find out, that sort of obsessive thinking is part of ADD. When you have something to worry about (i.e. your weight maybe) it gives your brain something to revolve around and gives a certain sense of order to your thought processes. It sounds bizarre to say that worrying helps the ADD brain but it does. That's where the anxiety comes in! Check out a couple of really great books: Driven to Distraction and ADD a Different Perception. ADD is a challenge but, so many ADDers are way above average in so many areas of their life (creative, smart, popular etc.) that simply getting a diagnosis of ADD is a huge first step. You should talk to your folks and Doctor as well. For me, for now, I am not using any medications. I am trying to change certain behaviors and make lists etc. but having recently used Wellbutrin as a quit smoking aid, I had a tremendous positive reaction and I felt clearer and my head felt lighter and so on and so forth so I may go back to it. Good luck. And if it turns out that you have ADD, think of it as Attention Different and not Attention Deficit. Good luck, we are here for you.

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