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Odd that your doc didn't explain that Adderall and the other stimulants don't "build up" in your system like, for instance, Prozac does.

(Prozac takes around 3 days to "ramp up" when taking it daily, 3 more to flush out of your system when you stop taking it. Normal-release Ritalin et al take effect almost immediately and run down abruptly 4 hours or so later.)

It's okay to leave the doctor's office and think of questions, but don't be afraid to call your doc back, or your pharmacist, or both, and ask them these questions. They have a professional responsibility to answer such follow-up questions, and you shouldn't need an appointment to do so. Just be a little understanding that they're busy people, leave a message, give them a few hours or a day to call you back.

Anyway, I use normal-release stimulants for ADD, but my 10 year old daughter is on 15mg XR Adderall. We boosted it 5mg/day starting this school year; she was on 10mg XR the last weeks of last school year. Turns out she _must_ have the extended release version, because with the normal-release versions, she has a tough time coming down off them. She got really nasty, moody, out of character. I suspect it's because she didn't have much experience coping with her ADD without meds and so didn't have some compensatory techniques "in her pocket" when the meds abruptly ended. She's much better with the extended release.

As for when to administer them, weekdays vs. weekends, that's a judgement call. Depends on how severe her ADD is, whether it makes life too difficult for her over the weekends without it. There may also be a safety issue -- if your daughter plays organized sports like softball, she may need the meds during the games to prevent her from losing focus and getting hurt, e.g. by a wayward softball.

I have mixed feelings about weekends, though I give Adderall to my daughter most weekend days (due to softball and needing to cope with other circumstances.) It's probably better keeping kids off the meds when you can so they have a chance to learn coping behaviors. I had lots of practice with that -- didn't get diagnosed with ADD until age 35 -- but kids who are identified early and receive continuous treatment don't get that exposure to "medless life". I fear that's not altogether good for them.

Another thing to consider is that the 10mg XR that you're giving your daughter is good for school days -- even dose, lasts the whole school day -- but you might want to ask her psychiatrist for a second prescription for regular Adderall, not slow-release, such as 5mg tablets. That way, you can plan to skip the XR dose over the weekend and just give her a "spot dose" when she needs it, e.g. when you go visit a busy place like a museum, she has a ball game, or she needs to concentrate on a school project over the weekend.

It would be a good thing for her to learn this kind of conditional dosing so that when she leaves home for college or whatever, she'll be well-armed to take care of herself.

Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness; I ran out of XR and let the backup dose wear out this afternoon before starting this reply. (grin)


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