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I have taken Adderall in the 30mg instant release kind, with typically 3/4 of one initially when I wake with the last 1/4 4-6hrs later lasting until near bedtime, drop off being a relief and a good nights sleep. I didn't take the small booster dose if the first was lunchtime or later. The booster was always much less than the initial. This was before I got a prescription for XR yesterday...Adderall, for me, was literally nearly a perfect drug, no withdrawal, tolerance, and no speedy or synthetic feeling effects when used weekdays with above dosage with 1 or longer day breaks 1-2 times weekly. I used it bought black market from friends for a couple weeks, clean from any recreationals.

I just got prescribed Adderall XR. I expected a long lasting version of what I knew but was unpleasantly surprised. I took 2x 10mgs on an empty stomach and felt the typical somewhat-dizzy come up immediately but it never went away and kept recurring badly! Normally thats always gone well under an hour and occasionally returns just as it finishes wearing off if my body's over-tired. In wierd waves XR would start to feel semi-Adderall-like but otherwise felt increasingly irritating. Even gave me nausia, which normal Adderall in me helps PREVENT, empty or full stomach. Eventually I was so annoyed, something I've never gotten on Adderall, I took one Twinn Lab ephedrine/caffiene tab and that actually made me feel better from the worsening agitation and dizzyness following one of those weak waves.

Later, possibly before the first dose had worn off completely I opened up an XR capsule and smashed it into a powder attempting to defeat the ill conceived extended-release and took another 10mgs. I read that the XR release half immediately and half 4hrs. later and figured the constantly too-low dose was what made it so unpleasant. With normal Adderall <=15mgs I noticed that slightly-dizzy-come-on-that-never-quite-made-it effect, however it didn't last for more than an hour (and never made me angry feeling) before trailing off below threshold. I expected the crushed XR beads to be a typical booster that would keep me good and until bed and finally feel Adderall's beneficial effect. Nope, it still came in wierd waves that weren't unpleasant but slightly unfocused still. The waves continued for a REALLY LONG time and just as it felt it was completely worn off a more intense wave than any previous would suddenly hit and very randomly with no predicatable interval... I suspect crushing the beads doesn't defeat XR's staggered like most other pills, or defeat it by much. The normal Adderall I don't have a prescription for had a nice 4+hr. level plateau of focus, EXTREME-mental soberiety, calmness, and motivation that always worked perfectly and predictably with just over 20mgs, with 30mgs at once being way too speedy like feeling more like dopamergic caffiene. XR is close to worthless, takes just as much or more to ever feel half-decent, and YET costs a bit more per mg. Still I can't let on to my doctor or parents that I have tried Adderall BEFORE the prescription, yet its the one (and ONLY) time my self-medication truly paid off in a positive manner. I'm gonna black market some normal Adderalls until I can convince the doc I need what I know is right. I'm glad I tried Adderall before even if it was for all the wrong reasons. If XR had been my first experience with Adderall, I would've never known Adderalls true potential benefit or that its the ONLY thing that works for me because it would've surely been my last.

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