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Re: Adderall Crash
Feb 22, 2011
[QUOTE=MissPilatesBody;4590667]Hi all,

I'm a 25-year-old female. I was recently diagnosed with relatively mild ADD, and was prescribed Adderall. I was instructed to take 30mg per day to help me focus and to help motivate myself. I quickly noticed that the Adderall helped tremendously - I was getting things done, being very productive, and was finally taking a proactive stance in my life. It was like night and day. However, soon I began to absolutely reel whenever the Adderall would begin to wear off. I also have clinical depression, which is controlled effectively by an antidepressant, but now, as soon as I start to crash on the Adderall, I become so depressed I don't know what to do with myself. I cry, I shake, I feel empty, my entire body hurts, I have an excruciating headache, and I feel tired, although I can't sleep a wink.

It's like my entire world falls apart as soon as the Adderall begins to exit my system. I've never experienced a drug reaction so powerful, minus the few times I experimented with ecstasy when I was younger. Now that I mention it, the Adderall comedown is markedly similar to an ecstasy comedown. But unlike most people, I don't just feel a little bit "down." I feel downright horrible - practically suicidal.

I've found the only way to control this is to stop taking the Adderall, which is a shame because it did help so much. Is there another medication for ADD that will have similar positive effects without the gruesome crash? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

I've never taken it, but I had a coworker a few years ago who took it religiously. She was about your age, and took it for ADD also.
She seemed to be a very competent, energetic person at first.
She even halfway convinced me that [I]I[/I] ought to take Adderall, by telling me what a mess she'd been before she got on it, how much it had helped her, etc.

But then there were a couple of incidents which disturbed me:

1. she was in danger of losing her medical insurance one time, and was absolutely frantic, running around freaking out, unable to think of or speak of anything else except "How will I get my Adderall??!!"
It was a little disturbing, like a junkie worried about getting their next fix.

2. She forgot to take it one morning and apparently left the bottle at home in her apartment, which was all the way across town.
Within an hour of arriving at work, she was frantic and unable to function.
Half an hour after [I]that[/I], she had a total meltdown, burst into tears, and told me she needed to leave and get her Adderall.
I helped her think up an excuse (diarrhea), and our manager let her go.

These incidents convinced me that no matter how much Adderall might improve my focus and energy level, etc, I just didn't need the headache.
I don't want to be that dependent on anything.

So, good luck with it. I hope it doesn't have the effect on everyone that it had on my coworker.

Best wishes.

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