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Jan 26, 2003
Hey group i am new to the board but not to ADHD. I am a mother of five boys. Age 13,9,9,8,3 and the the one twin is ADHD combined type and the other is ADHD depression, past was ADD, and not ruling out Bipolar. Okay heres my problem. Last year the school was telling us that my son that is 8 could not focus and he was being a little hyper, wich i had noticed the hyperness but was thinking it was a phase hmmm. Anyway this year on the second report card they are again saying he cannot focus nor sit still, his work has seemed to be good to me for the most part, and at home when he needs to be focused he seems to be, i know he is not the same as the other boys and there is gonna be differences but i dont see what i see in him that i do them. Couldnt this be just a learning disability other than add or adhd? I mean they say that adhd has to be seen in both settings and before the onset age of what seven? Yes he is hyper at home but it doesnt interfere with homework, following directions etc. The school SW when they were working with the twins had me fill out a questionare for the 8 year old and she said it wasnt significant. What is your suggestions on how i should deal with this?


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