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Just to add about my first three, they are:

#1 - almost 12 (girl) - severly adhd - medicated (25mg ritalin, 3 times a day). Still has a hard time to focus, stay on task, follow orders, etc...

#2 - almost 9 (boy) - regular adhd + capd (ld) - medicated (10 mg ritalin). Does very well on medication but might need a boost soon.

#3 - 7 1/4 (girl) - not sure which adhd but definitly not severe, just started meds (7.5mg ritalin) on a trial basis, it's been a week. BIG difference at home, don't know about school yet. She's an A student (without meds) but a behavior problem (doesn't listen, plays in her desk, talks in class, doesn't do her work without repeated reminders,etc...
Oops almost forgot to mention: a very lively, bouncy, distracting and annoying child (in a positive manner but it gets her in a lot of trouble at home and school), her siblings really have a hard time to be able to bare (sp?) her but she is extremely popular at school!

The last 2 kids are yet to be determined (lol!)

#4 - 6 (girl) - I'm pretty sure she not "hyper", she's pretty placid in comparison to the rest. She does fidget somewhat but is not really bouncy, when I do get her attention she does as she is told very well (I think my best behaved child!) but there is trouble to get her attention and she does have trouble understanding directions, I have to explain it very clearly. It's hard to hold her attention to have a conversation with her ( even if she started it). She also often takes things the wrong way when you say simple things to her. It could be a compliment and she might think it was something bad about her. She is a very emotional and sensitive child. I don't know if this is add or something else but there is a definite something there ( let me know your opinions on this one - I'm stumped!). I also must mention that she is speech delayed and has had a big struggle with it!

#5 -almost 3 (boy) - As hyper as can be, high energy, driven by a motor, but pretty attentive. Perhaps just a regular toddler-preschooler.....time will tell...LOL! I also must mention his father is different than the 1st four. BUT most of all the adhd comes from my side of the family and lots of it (yikes!)


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