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Hey. I am in the same boat with the money issue. I am an adult diagnosed a year and a half a go. I can tell you what I did. I went to my pastor and told him what was going on. He gave me the number of a psychiatrist in my town that was a friend of his. I called the office and told them I had no insurance and barely any money. They discounted the first dianosis/consultation price from $175 ro $25. And I begged my mom to pay it for me. That is what I pay for each visit with my PSYCHIATRIST. Catch is this- they only diagnos and prescribe medication. What we ADDers need in addition to that is a PSYCHOLOGIST- you know- the kind you sit and talk to? There are lots of programs out there- and many psychiattic and psychological offices that will give you a discounted price if you call and ask around. Also try and find a local ADD support group- I tried CHADD (it is for both adults and children) and was told of some programs where they do free counseling for coping mechanims. As far as medications go-COncerta is the only drug for ADD that I know of that you can get either completely free or at a discount. What you gotta do first is make sure you see a professional and find out if you really are ADD. IF so, ask the office to contact the patient assistance program for Concerta (give them teh website/number/whatever- i can't find it right now and i don't trust myselfl to promise you i will get it to you)- You fill out an application once every three months for it- give them a copy of your tax return- blah blah blah- then the psychiatrist writes out a prescription and mails it into the pharmaceutical company..they review the app (I have never had trouble getting approved or re-approved every three months). and once approved they mail your psychiatrist a "medical card" that you pick up with a written prescription for whatever dosage the doctor ordered. You need to go to a pharmacy and give them the card and they give you the meds for free- they take the card and they mail it in to the concerta company people and they concerta company peopel compensates them accordingly. If you go to a pharmacy that does not accept the card or they do not have the dosage or amoung of concerta you need- do not be discouraged- kindly ask them to make a couple local phone calls to help you locate the correct pharmacy-i have never had problems, though---- if they give you a hard time ask for the pharmacist and explain to them that you know it is not thier job to call around for you, but that you have ADD and it was hard enough to get yourself to get out and go ther in the first place, and you do not trust yourself to take the extra steps to keep going- and can't they please help out? I get discouraged easy, so I have no problems explaining myself- i have learned that if you somehow can get people to relate to you- to put them in yoru shoes- they are usually more willing to help you out....also go to your local library and check out "Driven to DIstraction" it is VERY good... for adults with ADD... I also have "You mean I am not, stupid, crazy or lazY"? though it is very long and I have read parts of it (forced mnyself to) but it seems to take forever to get to the point.... umm.... so call around..just so you know I have a license in health insurace-the govt has a law that they will not give assisted help to medical problems of a mental nature such as depression or ADD- so don't kill yourself there. You cannot get MEDICARE or MEDICAID to pay for any visits to a shrink or for any of these meds.. To the govt, it is all "inour head" and it is not as dire for us to get help than it is for someone with a physical handicapp of some sort-even though it has been shown that when ADD goes unchecked it can keep you from holding down a job and supporting yourself....I already tried that route-so until you are better hold of on trying to get congress to change the law- when you are better you can be more successfull at such a venture....i hope this helps...good luck

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