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1. Does Adderall work differently for you guys one some days, even if the dose is the same? [/QUOTE]

My psychologist opinioned that the effects of Adderall may change over a period of months. The daily changes we all experience are caused by far more subtle, volatile stressors. Examples are insufficient sleep, hormones, examine anxiety, a blow out with your significant other, and add another thousand or so to complete the list. Stressors can be difficult to identify. "Today sucks." I don't think the reason given by those with normal brains, "I got up on the wrong side of the bed," makes any sense at all. Adderall is certainly a more plausible hypotheses. And "they" call us crazy? Gads.

2. Ok. I have ADHD and I take my mecidine [I]as prescribed[/I] (ok, sometimes I'll take an extra 10mg on an exam day...). Anyway, is there a way to make IR [I]stop[/I] working at the end of the day? [/QUOTE]

Taking "stop pills" of any type to offset an 'extra' Adderall only induces psuedo-sleep that results in a hungover the next day.

If occasionally you must use more Adderall than prescribed to compete in school, make up the energy deficit the next day. Take no Adderall and sleep all day if necessary. Do not take a higher dose to compensate. A vicious cycle ensures that leads to drug addiction.

3. Disclaimer - I am not trying to get high. Is there a way to make the medication more effective without taking more?[/QUOTE]

See point 4.

4. Have you noticed that any medications or foods make your Adderall work better or worse? How long before/after you eat do you wait to take your meds?[/QUOTE]

See your doctor about other meds that can help.

Acidic foods significantly reduce Adderall's potency. Nearly everything we eat has some acidity. Avoid foods with a ph of less than 5. Beets, bananas and carrots are 4.98; beer ~ 4.7; bananas ~4.5; tomatoes vary between 4.1 and 4.5; wine, grapefruit, oranges, vinegar, olives and cider are all below 4.1 and can be as low as 3.

Hey, it ain't so bad. Order your pizza with olives in the evening. Have it along with a glass of wine or beer. Who cares about beets, carrots and grapefruits. Yuk.

5. I thought of another question. If you increase your dose and it's making your brain work the same as the lower dose used to (tolerance), is the physical strain on your body the same or does that adapt, too?[/QUOTE]

The answer is highly dependant on the person. Everyone taking Adderall should see a physician every six months to discuss medication reactions. Your doctor can catch indications before serious problems develop. Your doctor will tweak your prescriptions to control your symptoms without the adverse reaction.


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