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2mmk and everyone,

Thanks for your responses. We are still pretty new to all this and you all have really helped.

What have you done for the canker sores? The bad thing is that my son didn't eat good before meds, then worse after meds but even when he does eat it HURTS!

We use Cankaid or Benedryl mixed with Kaopectate- swish and spit. :) But they don't really go away for very long, ever. The doctor says that is all we can do for them.

My son was on only 20 mg of Metadate for about 6 mo and only slight improvement but no side effects. So when we were told to use 36 mg Concerta while waiting for Strattera to kick in there was a big difference ib concentration but the side effects showed up for the first time. These side effects have just been the past 15 days or so and I have to admit I did not like them at all!! The horror of seeing your kid upset in ways he never has been is a pain I wish on no one!!!

Today we are off Concerta and on Strattera alone. So far so good.

In your experiences do these side effects seem to go away in a few weeks?? (Concerta)

My hubby is a cop and has seen alot of death ect and went on Zoloft for depression. It took about two weeks and all his bathroom visits :) finally stopped! lol

I was just wondering if the Strattera does not work nad we went back to Concerta cuz it does work should I give it a try hoping the side effects will go away. And /or a slightly smaller doseage of it.

Infomom, it kinda seems that my son is more like yours. He just has a terrible time staying on task in school and learning at the same pace.

I will keep ya'll updated on the Strat only results!


AnneDalton: I use Tanac for the canker sores, it seems to clear up rapidly the kids don't like it, but they know like 2 days they will be gone. I'm in the same situation with Strattera hoping it continues to work, so far it has been good, but even with the side effects of Concerta, I would go back. My son was starting to get emotionally set-back, he could sense he was excelling in school and pretty much started to not care!! He would tell me he was trying, but could not get it. On the Concerta he climbed right to the top of his class, he does have a little trouble with reading out loud, but In my opion that has to do with him being shy. My son was on Concerta for almost a year(?) and the side effects were there the whole time. So it is hard to know what is right and wrong, but for my son-if Straterra doesn't pan out, I would put him back on concerta. Good luck to you and keep us posted. !

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