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Re: Straterra
Feb 12, 2003
I am new to this board but after reading for several days I just had to jump in. I am mom at a 8 year old boy who has been on Straterra since the beginning of Jan. In the past we have tried Ritalin, Adderal, Concerta and Tennex. We could help his focus and hyperness but the cost was great with tics, weight loss, and insomnia. We tried Straterra out of desperation. Early on he was very sleepy (actually falling asleep at school), moody, and defiant. If Starterra had not been our last hope I would have given up. I am SO glad we hung in there. He is now doing wonderfully ! He is getting awards at school for finishing his work without help. He is happy, sleeping well and gaining weight. He says he no longer feels "wiggly" and want to do his school work. I guess my advice would be if you have started Straterra, hang in there and give it a chance to work. If you have not started yet, please wait until summer if you do not have a supportive school. The medication does take time to build up in the system. For my has been a miracle.
Re: Straterra
Feb 19, 2003
Today is day 19 of Strattera. My son is 12y/o. He is eating well, most days he is less irritable that with Concerta but irritable some. Irritability may have to do with adolescent hormones raging. His tics are all but gone, still come out some. His teacher says she can't tell any difference than with the Concerta, so he's doing equally well at school, though I think his Concerta dose was a little low. I am pleased enough with the Strattera to fill the RX and continue. Now that my son is not on stimulants I feel I have "my little boy back". He wants to stay on Strattera when given the choice of that or Concerta. Will continue to monitor and post. Input from everyone else posting is so helpful, lets keep up the updates. [img][/img]

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