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Re: Straterra
Feb 5, 2003
Hi All,
First time to post on this forum. I thought that some insight from someone on Strattera would be useful. I was just diagnosed with AD/HD but always suspected having it. I am 38 with a long history of learning disability. I just started taking Strattera 3 weeks ago and started at 25mg. x2 so that would be 50mg. a day. I had some mild side effects. First I had a dry mouth, next I hade some stomach cramps, but mild and short lived, next the one that was most curious was that I felt less focused than normal sort of like an engine that was on a rough idle. I then went up to 75mg. 50mg. in the morning and 25mg. in the early evening. This seemed to bring me back in focus and after talking to Ely Lilly I found that the study was at 80mg. to 120mg. for an adult a day. A side effect that was positive was that my energy and mood went way up. This was great seeming I had been in the dumps for many years. I have woken up some mornings with a smile on my face and looking forward to the day. I have been in communication with my physiatrist and internist and will be moving up to 120mg. over the next 2 weeks. This is the first AD/HD drug I have ever taken and I am looking forward to the future whether it is with Strattera or another medication. So far I feel I have a future with Strattera and will be on it for at least 2 more months before trying anything else.

Gordon :round:
Re: Straterra
Feb 24, 2003
In response to your post about the long term effects of Ritalin. I started on the medication about 14 years ago with a short 4 year break in the middle. I have been back on ritalin for the past 3 years. I am now 21 years old taking a 20mg Metadate (ritalin ER) in the morning and a 20mg ritalin in the after noon. Somedays I take a 10mg ritalin in the evening in addition to everything else. In the recent years I have had my dosage increase twice. The ritalin has helpd me, but the time has come for a change. Tomorrow I am switching to Strattera. I have become fed up with the daily headaches, insomnia, and sweating. The headaches have gotten significantly worst over the years. Moreover, I have maintained the same body weight for the past 6 years at 120lbs which is too low for my height (5'10"). I am excited to try Strattera and hopefully my mood will be much better. The side effects I have experienced can go on and on, but hopefully I will not experience as many of these with Strattera. However, I am not looking forward to the sleepiness that I have read about from other posts.

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