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Re: Straterra
Jan 29, 2003
I'd be interested in hearing from parents switching their kids from Adderall XR. We're considering it because of the lack of the stimulant. We had our daughter on Concerta but that didn't go well - she had a lot of sleeping problems and headaches. That disappeared with the Adderall. Now, our only real concern is her sleeping. She's up 1-2 hours later than before the medication, so we want to try to get her back on a regular sleep pattern for her age. However, besides that side effect, the Adderall has been fine so we are somewhat reluctant to switich.

Any other Adderall to Straterra switchers out there yet?
Re: Straterra
Feb 24, 2003
I am new here. This will probably be a long post. I have been helped a lot by reading the posts here. Thanks everyone and keep posting!

My son is 6 years old (2 months from 7 yrs old) and in the first grade. He currently weighs 46 pounds. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD when he was 4 years old (1 month from 5 yrs old). He has been on various medications since that time.

We started out on Ritalin, but have gone through lots of others. Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, Adderall, Adderall XR, and back to Adderall. There may even be one or two in there that I'm forgetting. He has been on Adderall longer than any medication and, before switching to Strattera, was taking 30 mg twice a day.

His appetite was non-existent and sleep would never come on stimulants. He weighed 40 pounds when he first started medications and in the 2 1/2 years never really gained more than 2 pounds. Because of all of the other issues, he has been on Clonidine to sleep. He has also taken Celexa and Zoloft. He takes neither of these any more. The anger and "psychotic-seeming" episodes have been almost too much to bear. We had even been told at one time to give a very low dosage of Clondine during the day along with the Adderall. That worked for a little while. But as with almost everything he has every taken, it never seems to work very long.

Our last visit to the neurologist was to try to combat some of the anger and outbursts and talk about the fact that he doesn't want to take medication anymore. He's been on it so long I don't really blame him, but he's gotten tired of taking it so much so many times a day. At this visit she decided to try Risperdal. The mood swings have gotten better, but are still present. We were able to discontinue Clondine for the first time in almost 3 years.

Risperdal and Adderall together didn't really make much of a change in him except that the mood swings did get a little better. Then his neurologist mentioned Strattera to me. We made an appointment and started Strattera on January 29. He had the initial four day dose of 18mg, then began 25 mg. We were told to keep him on Adderall for 2 weeks. I actually stopped the Adderall 3 days shy of 2 weeks because it was a weekend and I wanted to see how he was going to behave on just Strattera before he went back to school the next Monday.

It has been a struggle with Strattera. We are now on day 27. (Day 17 of just Strattera/no Adderall.) The hyperactivity part of it all has been a little more noticable but nothing I can't deal with at home. I'm so glad to actually see him happy. Before he always seemed to be so angry at everyone and with life in general. He does eat more, but he has had no problem with appetite since starting Risperdal.

Last week his teacher had a hard time with him at school because he was so hyper and "out of control" as she put it. This weekend the hyperactivity was pretty bad, but we just dealt with it.

I was finally able to speak with his neurologist again today. She wants to take him off the 25mg once a day and begin giving him 18 mg at 7 am and 7 pm. She seems to think this will level him out better. I sure hope it works. It is hard dealing with school work and his teacher when he can't sit down long enough to concentrate.

Sorry this was so long, but I needed to say it.

As a side note, for those that have children that have trouble taking medication. Have you tried having them put the water in their mouth first before putting the medication in. This is how I've always taken medication. You never even feel it go down. So when my son first started on medication at 4 it was hard for him. I had him do it this way and he has never had trouble.

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