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I know you mention that you've tried other meds, which ones? I'm curious, because sometimes doctors get locked onto a specific type of medication and ignore others, and I'd be interested to know if you've tried each of the various options. Have you tried Vyvanse, or another dextroamphetamine only option? There are some who attribute many of the negative side effects of Adderall to the levoamphetamine, which would be absent in a dextro-only option. Additionally, you may find that methylphenidate provides you with an easier ride, there are many (not including myself) that find Concerta is effective. Again, even if you've tried a racemic methylphenidate option, you may have success with Focalin, which is dextromethylphenidate only.

Another track would be the non-stimulants. All three of the non-stimulant options for ADHD treatment are different, and work differently, so it's worth trying all three. Strattera seems to have dubious effect, but is approved for ADHD treatment. Intuniv is new, but I believe it shows promise, though my own personal sense is that it would work best in concert with stimulant treatment, rather than as a replacement. Finally, you have Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is considered a second line treatment for ADHD, and I'm not sure I understand why; I personally have found a Wellbutrin/Adderall combination to be nothing short of life changing.

As for the Adderall, I see that you're on 70mg IR, have you tried XR? It may be that your system is reacting to having the dosage, whatever it is, hit all at once. It's possible that and XR formulation may provide a smoother uptake, and mitigate some of your symptoms. I'm also curious to know what type of Adderall you're taking. I've read that some people have difficulty on some of the generics, while finding other brands work better for them.

If your doctor is willing to continue to experiment, I would recommend that you continue to seek the ideal option for you. Finding the right drug or combination of drugs for your own personal chemistry can be long and rather frustrating (it took me 2 years), but is well worth it in the long run. Ultimately though, it may come down to weighing the positive effects against the negative effects and deciding what you can live with, it's unusual to find a medication that gives you only what you want from it, all we can do is try to mitigate the negatives, and live with what's left.

Best of luck.

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