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Adderal was the first med we ever tried. He did well for a short time, and then it stopped working. He became manic with each increase so that is when we switched to regular Ritalin. He did quite well except we noticed the peaks and valleys in the med. between dosings. Concerta then came out and he has been on it since. Even though they claim it to work for 12 hours we really only get about 8. We did try Metadate for about a week. Same results except that wore off even faster. The evenings were really a struggle so we went to 2 Concertas a day. Ever since we did this, things have been great. No problems getting to bed since the med wears off just at bedtime and he is actually tired instead of getting that hyper wound up feeling he was getting with the 1. He is 7 years old and his heart rate was 128bpm. The doctor told me it was on the high end for a child, but not high enough to worry. When it gets around 200 then we should be alarmed. We haven't tried anything else since. I am actually waiting for the methy patch to come out. From the trials, they have found it to be a very even release, no meds to take, and it should wear off about 2 hours after the patch is removed. Since off the Stattera he hasn't had any more pain.

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