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[QUOTE=Thunor;4626592]but doctors in the US tend to shy away from prescribing dex due to the supposedly increased likelyhood of abuse. I believe Bob managed a prescription and found a lot of trouble finding a pharmacy that would fill it (ironic, in Canada it's much easier to get dex than Ritalin).

I've heard this 'insurance will cover Concerta but not Vyvanse' before, and I'm not sure why. As patented meds, I would assume the cost is similar, and while they're similar meds, they're not identical, Concerta being methylphenidate, rather than dextroamphetamine. I would be interested to hear the reasoning.[/QUOTE]

Dexedrine CR was most effective for me, hands down, no second place contender insight. It gave me transparent ADHD symptom control similar to the many service programs now running on your computer unaware to you until one quits or malfunctions. Adderall has always required me to carefully control both timing and quantity of each dose to prevent crashes that would put me to sleep or cause anxiety and depression symptoms. I have to carefully control Adderall so it can control me. GADS. Nothing transparent about it at all.

A few months back a pharmacist told me that generic Dexedrine CR is no longer available. The latest Internet news has it that generic Dexedrine CR is available again but through Teva Pharmaceuticals. Teva now owns Barr. Barr was the manufacturer of the discontinued generic Dexedrine CR I did so well on for a few months.

I'll check with my local Walmart to see if Dex CR is again available. I'll ask my shrink for it next visit if it is.

Why the differences in price, Thu? Drug companies are sometimes driven by interests not in our best interests. Sometimes profit is put first, the balance of times, it's sheer greed.


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