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My son had to decrease his dose as well. The doc started him at 70 when switching from Concerta 72, & he had nasty side effects. He's on 60 now and doing fine.

Having the exact same issues, except I switched from concerta to vyvanse due to takiphylanxes. I have to say, I HATE it. I wish I could go back to COncerta or a methyphenidate, but unfortunately I would have to take a dose high enough to cause some pretty intolerable side effects. Vyvanse has actually made my focus worse. I know exactly what you mean about the wall. For me, I am trying my hardest to focus on my lectures, but I cannot conceptualize what they are talking about. Its like I am listening through a glass window, I dont quite catch what people are saying - I just know they are saying something. Going without meds is no good for me, because then I am all over the place.

I feel like I am stuck, I have no where to go...I want to try adderall XR, but I dont know if my doc will go for it, it sounds like everyone is switching from adderall [I]to[/I] vyvanse. :( :(

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