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[QUOTE=Thunor;4635798]I wasn't sure how to weigh in on this one when I first saw it. Once again, it seems that Bob and Mari showed the way.

One day, a few months after my diagnosis, my father asked me why I couldn't just accept the fact that I'm lazy, like he is. Like most of the conversations between me and my dad, this one didn't end well.

Mom tried her best to be supportive, but wasn't really sure what I was talking about, she only knew that if there was help out there for me, I needed to take advantage of it. She needed the patience of a saint to get through my adolescence, and never gave up on me, even at the very end, no matter how badly I screwed up my life. I think she would have been a lot more supportive, and would have taken the time to understand the disorder, but she had a lot on her mind at the time . . . her cancer had her in palliative care within 6 or 7 months of my (self) diagnosis, and she was gone a few months later.

I noted above that my diagnosis was a self diagnosis, and I think this is important. My process of seeking diagnosis was rather rough. My initial testing was inconclusive and led to depression therapy which did more harm than good. I spent several months after that seeking second opinions from a variety of mental health professionals, including a psychologist that felt I probably have ADHD but required 'several thousand dollars' worth of tests to confirm it, and a psychiatrist that told me I don't have the tools to function in society, so I needed to take my anti-depressants and learn to accept it. Ultimately, after a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD refused to see me, because he deals primarily with children, I gave up and decided to treat myself with the help of my GP, who was on board and willing to do what he could, despite the fact he felt thoroughly out of his depth.

My break finally came several months later, when my dad told me he'd heard a radio ad soliciting adults with ADHD for a medication study (he has been trying really hard to be agreeable since mom passed). I eventually put my cynicism aside and called, ending up in a study for Strattera, which I ultimately dropped out of, but the psychiatrist running the study kept me on as a patient nonetheless. I since have found my medication regime, and have started CBT with a psychologist attached to his practice. My progress in this time (just shy of two years) has been nothing short of astounding. Ironically, I still don't have an 'official' diagnosis of ADHD.

What I've gleaned from my experience was this: Mental health professionals are human, and ADHD testing is imperfect. Be willing to consider alternative diagnoses, but take the time to read about them, understand them, and insist that those making the diagnoses can convince you of how you fit the symptoms. My own diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder is a perfect example of how standardized tests can fail (I exhibit none of the symptoms of BPD). Don't let anyone patronize you, this is your life, take control of it and insist that you be convinced of any diagnosis offered.

If your parents won't support you, or refuse to believe you, continue the process on your own. You're young still, and may not realize the ruin that untreated ADHD can make of your life. I could recount the disaster of my last twenty years, but that would be an entire post of its own. It's imperative that you act on this, don't procrastinate.

A couple of side notes: I would be careful, if you suspect any type or level of schizophrenia, that you have that ruled out before you start stimulant treatment. Interestingly, while ADHD is characterized by a shortage of phenethylamine (PEA), and thus the neurotransmitters that PEA regulates, schizophrenia is characterized by too much PEA. I haven't done the reading to confirm this, but it follows that increasing the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in a schizophrenic individual may increase the severity of symptoms, possibly leading to serious problems.

Keep coming here. I found this board early in my process of seeking diagnosis and treatment, and have found it an indispensable source of wisdom and support. Bob, Jane, Mari, and several others have taught me volumes, I don't know if I'd be where I am today without this group.

Best of luck.[/QUOTE]

Thunor, glad you got the help you wanted, though sorry it took so long. As for the schizophrenia, just an inkling of a theory. But, I remember when taking Adderall for a short period of time, I was okay on a little dose than when I increased to 30mg a day I felt extreme anxiety/paranoia. But, having Social Anxiety and a natural hypersensitivity might be too blame. Though when I took Cymbalta for a short period of time (which increases norepinephrine) my eyes would become wide as silver dollars., my short-term memory seemed to be doing better but I didn't stay on it that long--a few days. Now, none of this actually points to schizo disorder, but lays the bread crumbs down pointing to something besides, or in addition to, ADHD. I may very well be deficient in a vital vitamin, or something else.

I guess I could test the schizo theory by getting the nicotine patch, as supposedly nicotine helps schizos with their cognitive functioning (as they smoke three times as much as the general population). Lol, that sounds crazy, wish there was a safer way to test this, and I of course won't attempt this. God, now I remember a time at a friends house when I had access to cigs and he accused me of "chain smoking.' Doesn't mean anything but an interesting thought process all the same.

Yeah, I won't attempt to "self-medicate" definitely a bad no worries. But I am more leaning towards ADHD with maybe a light stroke of psychotic tendencies.

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