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I'm quite certain I put people off when I go ballistic on their first post. I am working hard to control myself but obviously not hard enough. The stimulus that sets me off is "the doctor didn't believe me."

[QUOTE=mir21;4635804]I told the doc that the concerta made me feel sleepy.. and he didn't believe me. he told me that is what they give people to wake them up.[/QUOTE]

I heard the same from a few doctors at the earliest stages of seeking medical care for my ADHD. Each instance infuriated me. I heard, "you, are, lying." I soon realized "you are mistaken" is a better interpretation in my case because I'm an old fart. My first take is true if you are young.

RE: "You are mistaken." I reasoned, "I took that pill - Ritalin - and an hour or so later I felt fatigued, tired, lethargic, and all other words that mean "pooped out." "The sequence, 'took pill, 1 hr later, pooped out' has iterated 30x since I last saw you. I think the pill causes the poop out." Do you know that in every case MD bozo boy or girl tried to refute my impeccable logic. In every case, bozo got fired with good reason. A medication change was the one and only solution. Each bozo wanted to implement a solution other than med change. Any and all other solutions were designed to solve a problem that didn't exist. Each was doomed to fail and positively would increase my suffering. In my mental and physical shape at that time, I would have been finished off, not helped.

A newly hired halfway decent GP was forced to accept the obvious. Adderall lowered my blood pressure. It is not possible at least not directly. It is a paradox where each dox is easily separated. Adderall gave me control over my thinking that reduced my anxiety. The reduction in anxiety caused stress lowed my BP. His BP-O-Romodor or whatever that wide tourniquet thing-a-jiggy is called proved it. My BP was lower than last visit when he prescribed Adderall. There was no change in any other variable. My environment sucked no less on visit two. On visit one, I felt no control, no ability to change sucky life. On visit two, I felt I had control and could affect a change for the better. It did take me 5 years longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, with the help of an excellent psychiatrist, my life and my wife's life is radically changed for the better.

The wisest decision I made was "you, are, fired" then following a recommendation made five years ago by a psychologist friend to the psychiatrist that I have now.


I'll try being more tactful. It should be enough since you understand where I am coming from.

Fire the dumb SOB and seek out a real good shrink. Bozo boy will continue to recycle you into deeper and deeper mental do-do if you don't.


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