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Our drug experience...
4yrs on Adderall. Good academic/social results. Continued stomachaches/headaches and horrible come down every afternoon. Difficulty sleeping.

1 yr on Concerta. Our nightmare drug! Terrible side effects. He does not have the come down or sleep troubles though. It gave him terrible anxiety attacks!

Switching to Straterra over spring break. Met w/ teachers to let them know the next month may be tough for them. Gave them a chart to rate various aspects about him to chart his progress. They were appreciate and very willing to assist! Told them if his day was too me and I would come get him and we would finish his work at home. If you have the support in place I would switch now. If you wait until summer you won't have the feedback from the teachers. If you work it our before the end of the school year you should start the fall well. Just a thought.....Good luck!

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